Rabu, 24 April 2013


Sireedee Entertainment Presents:

KOTAK live konser, Minggu 9 Juni 2013 jam 7.30 PM. di : Wasinton DC ( AMERIKA SERIKAT )

Harga tiket : Bar $20 / GA $20 / VIP $25

Kotak is an Indonesian rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Kotak started a career as a professional band when they were chosen as the winner in the Dream Band 2004 talent contest. In 2008, Kotak released their second album titled Kotak Kedua which garnered them critical reception in Indonesia and Malaysia. In 2011, Kotak teamed with Simple Plan to provide another version of their song Jet Lag. They have also performed in various countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Recently they have perform in Singapore at Marina Barrage for an event called Muzik FM with various artiste from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.